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Experience Authentic Rajasthan

The legendary five-star Indian hospitality brand Chokhi Dhani brings something totally new to London’s fine dining scene, showcasing the same mix of fine food, vibrant atmosphere and exceptional service that entrances all who visit its venues in Rajasthan.

However, whilst the first floor guarantees a luxurious dining experience, featuring sumptuous fare from this ancient princely state alongside other culinary jewels from across India, the ground floor offers a street food concept, where the relaxed mood counter balances the more regal ambience upstairs.

Here diners can enjoy small plates featuring the likes of Vegetarian samosas, Fish Amritsari and Chicken lollipop pakora. These vibrant offerings can be enjoyed alongside Chokhi Dhani’s equally extraordinary cocktail collection, again imbued with flavours of the subcontinent, from Pink Flame (pink peppercorn infused Johnny Walker Black Label, Cocchi Americano, fresh plum, cinnamon and cramberry) to Marow Marwad (gin, Cynar artichoke, grapefruit cordial, cucumber and mint).

Street Food Menu

But expect to experience more than fine food and drink; the lounge bar offers a totally unique, colourful and authentic experience by celebrating traditional Indian culture and entertainment are on hand to impart their words of wisdom.

Chokhi Dhani is also delighted to announce that Magic Junior will be performing his incredible show here twice each week. Magic’s electrifying skills have captivated everyone from the Beckhams, Robbie Williams and Didier Drogba through to the former mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg. Even Harry Potter himself – aka Daniel Radcliffe – has thrilled to his extraordinary displays of mind-reading, telekinesis, fire manipulation and astounding predictions.

But Chokhi Dhani is not all about colour and spectacle; it is also a place for quiet reflection. What better way to relax in the afternoons than with a drink and a book from the venue’s small library, which covers everything from Rajasthani history and culture through to the Kama Sutra, yoga and wellbeing?

What’s more, the bespoke artwork that adorns Chokhi Dhani’s walls, not to mention an on-site bazaar selling beautiful and intricate jewellery, allows all-comers to catch a glimpse into India’s culture, its history and its way of life.