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From vibrant, colourful and spectacularly choreographed dancers through to palmists and henna artists whose intricate designs are an integral part of Indian culture, all will give an intriguing glimpse into India’s history and its way of life.

Chokhi Dhani is also delighted to announce that Magic Junior will be performing his incredible show here every Thursday and Friday. Magic’s electrifying skills have captivated everyone from the Beckhams, Robbie Williams and Didier Drogba through to the former mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg. Even Harry Potter himself – aka Daniel Radcliffe – has thrilled to his extraordinary displays of mind-reading, telekinesis, fire manipulation and astounding predictions.

Come for the food, stay for the magic!

DannyOn Sunday’s

Danny has always fascinated by what lies beneath the surface, and divination is a way in. After 20 years working with cards and 7 years with palms, he is still learning about elements and number, line and structure. Reading the signs on the surface to make sense of what lies beneath, Danny’s palmistry reveals a person’s general constitution, strengths and weaknesses, and the echoes of pivotal life events. With tarot, he focuses more on current situations, mapping out influences at play and making sense of the unfolding narrative, suggesting strategies for positive action. One of his grannies was a graphologist, the other was a psychic and spiritual healer which initially made Danny sceptical about psychic matters until a Tarot deck started talking to him 20 years ago.

Danny works with Tarot, Palmistry and the Tree of Life, combining insight with humour to clarify the sometimes-confusing messages that the Universe throws at us. The game of Life can get serious sometimes, and a reading with Danny will put things into perspective, making sense of the present and offering suggestions for future directions.